Welcome to our interpretation summer course in Triklino House, Corfu island.

This course is designed so as to enable participants to attend a full morning of instruction, but to take advantage of the afternoons and evenings to absorb more of the culture, history and traditions of Greece, as well as to acquire first hand knowledge of the institutions and workings of Greek society today.

The island of Corfu is steeped in history and offers many museums, castles and other places of interest that will be visited as well as numerous cultural events being held during the summer.

This will be a truly enjoyable and fruitful course for interpreters with passive Greek who would like to refresh their knowledge of the language but also to familiarize themselves more with the country and its workings. 

So enjoy your summer course!

Odile Kafkalidis

Conference Interpreter.

Interpretation teacher at Ionian University, Corfu

DG SCIC, European Commission

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